There are other types of ornamental ginger varieties that produce beautiful flowers, but the edible/common ginger produces only leaves. Flowering ginger will grow quite vigorously in the garden and has been known to take over garden spaces. These make lovely additions to the warm climate garden. This grand ginger is tall and produces a big red flower spike. Flowering Ginger Varieties for Your Garden. The flower spike is six to eight inches (15-20 cm.) It is as simple as planting a piece of fresh ginger root, or rhizome, in the spring and keeping the root moist for a few weeks while they sprout. In slightly cooler climates, you can grow them in containers and bring them indoors for the winter. Kent D. Kobayashi, Janette McEwen, and Andrew J. Kaufman Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences. At the University of Florida (UF), we are evaluating different species and varieties of ginger and turmeric under two different photoperiods in the greenhouse (natural days, or long days by providing night interruption from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.). Growing ginger in Florida is easy. How to Grow Ginger Zones. Botanical Name: Zingiber zerumbet. There are many types of flowering ginger, but most are large plants with showy foliage and even showier blooms. Freshly harvested ginger rhizomes. Native to Southeast Asia, the flowering Torch ginger (Etlingera elatior) is prized for its … Torch Ginger. Click here to learn how. Ornamental ginger plants can be a great way to add attractive and exotic color, foliage, and blooms to your garden. Ideal conditions for ornamental ginger include at least some shade, rich, moist soil, and good drainage. Tricolor Ginger will grow happily and flower in a pot or in-ground. ... Why but edible ginger rhizomes at the grocery store when you could be growing your own easily. Photo by Molly Jameson. Inside each red bract that makes up the spike, is a small white flower. Grow them in moist, well-drained garden soil in a part-shade location, or one that gets filtered sun all day. A dose of fertilizer once a month will give you even more flowers. Ginger plants do not require a lot of pruning like other plants do, … How to Grow Flowering Ginger . Set the red ginger into its new growing container. They add a tropical accent to any outdoor space, garden or patio. Choose ginger roots (technically rhizomes) that are plump and free of wrinkles, with visible eyes (small points) … For many, this inspires us to prepare dishes with all of our favorite seasonal spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger come to mind. Ornamental gingers cover a wide range of plants do not all have the same requirements. Andhra Pradesh, India. There are many species of ginger. Place the flowerpot in a warm location that receives morning sun or bright filtered light. Three centuries later, in 1959, the pineapple ginger made its way into the gardens of Hawaii and South Florida. Consider growing ginger in containers if you live in zones 6 or below so that you can move the inside or under cover when temperatures go below 50°F. These are just for show, and they can certainly be beautiful, with a range of sizes, flower shapes, and colors. While all of these spices can be grown, did you know that edible ginger, Zingiber officinale, is one of the easiest roots to grow in North Florida? Pineapple ginger. It is as simple as planting a piece of fresh ginger root, or rhizome, in the spring and keeping the root moist for a few weeks while they sprout. A dose of fertilizer once a month will give you even more flowers. Pure white, showy flowers emerge from one large bud some time in late spring through summer at the tip of each unbranched stem. Ornamental varieties are grown for their showy flowers and foliage. There is a wide variety of ginger plants for you to choose from, from edible to ornamental ginger. Ginger thrives in zones 7 and higher. If planting them in the ground plant them about 15-20 cm/six to eight inches apart. Ginger plants grow best in warm, humid locations. When is a good time to cut them back and … A great addition to tropical landscapes and outdoor living spaces, with the lush evergreen foliage There are many types of flowering ginger, but most are large plants with showy foliage and even showier blooms. The unusual torch ginger flowers bloom from colorful bracts that may be red, pink or orange. In cooler zones a containerized Tricolor Ginger can be relocated indoors for the winter months. Butterfly ginger is a green-leaved plant that only grows about 3 feet tall, prefers part shade, and should be grown near the lanai or porch so you can appreciate the wonderful smell of the blossoms. by Molly Jameson | Oct 26, 2016 | Edible Landscape, Perennials. Whether they go in beds or in containers, these plants offer diversity without a lot of maintenance. In full sun, the leaves are brown-tipped and the plants grow poorly. Read more articles about Ornamental Ginger. Ginger prefers soil rich with organic matter and partial shade. Therefore, it is often an excellent choice for yards with many trees, as is common among our many oaks and pines. They thrive in the same conditions, so if you have the right spot in your garden, pick from among the varieties based solely on looks: Red ginger. Each flower lasts about one day. Remove the red ginger from its growing container as directed in step 3 above. Shell ginger. The butterfly ginger is one of the nicest gingers for the home landscape because its fragrance is so enjoyable (Fig. In poorly draining soil, ginger roots may develop stunted or distorted roots, or they may just rot. Ideal conditions for ornamental ginger include at least some shade, rich, moist soil, and good drainage. 1). Curcuma, Ginger Lilies, and Siam Tulips are some of the ginger plants that offered in my shop, and for sell nationwide. This variety adds color to the garden, not just from its white to pink flowers, but also the undersides of the leaves which are a rich, deep purplish red. A 14 inch pot easily holds three average rhizomes, a rectangular styrofoam box holds about nine to a dozen. Butterfly ginger. By growing your ginger plant in well draining, rich soil, your plant will be less susceptible to root rot. Question: Our ornamental ginger plants have grown more than 6 feet tall and have some cold damage. They cluster together in a drooping shape and are often white, but sometimes pale pink. Researching the plant before you buy will ensure success. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Liven Up Your Garden with Sweet-Tasting Tatsoi, Full Moon Fever: Wolf Spiders and Werewolves, Leon County’s Seed Library Program Continues On. The Malay ginger produces flowers that are about two inches (5 cm.) To make your ginger root last, place in a sealed bag, and store in your freezer, peeled or unpeeled. In a few months, ginger plants will pop up in a lovely row and it’s off to the races. The ginger plant can reach 0.6–1.2 m in height (2–4 ft) and is grown as an annual plant. Crepe Ginger flower in the Indian countryside. Planting and Care. Ginger does best in partial to complete shade. They prefer part shade with 2-5 hours of dappled sunlight each day. Common ginger, also called culinary ginger, is one of the most popular edible types. Dig out a planting hole in the center of the growing container that is about 1 1/2 the diameter and approximately the same depth as the growing receptacle the red ginger is currently growing in. Torch ginger. Malay ginger. Natives & Long-Time Residents - Learn more about plants you have and "window-shop" for new ones. R. ed ginger, Alpinia purpurata (Vieillard) K. Flowers . This beautiful white, flowering plant can grow really well in the sunlight or in shade. Not only are the rhizomes of common ginger edible, but so are its leaves and shoots—so feel free to chop them up finely and use them as a seasoning! All ornamental ginger plants are considered tropical because they prefer a warm, moist climate. tall, has bright red waxy bracts and is shaped like a pineapple. “Farmers in Shandong have been overusing an illegal and highly toxic pesticide to grow ginger for years on end, adding yet another concern to the country’s growing list of food scandals. Not all ginger plants are edible. There are so many varieties of ornamental ginger plants that you’ll have fun picking out the ones that will add a little exotic flair to your garden. The flowers of the shell ginger are unique. across. Ginger prefers soil rich with organic matter and partial shade. A very easy to grow ornamental ginger with exotic, vibrant red-orange, waxy blooms that top glossy green foliage gently spiraled along thick, upright stems. Plant specs. Some ginger will not go dormant and must kept at temperatures above freezing whereas others may suffer below 65 degrees. On rockland such as at Homestead, try growing ginger in a … Flowering heads are borne on shorter stems and the plant produces cone shaped, pale yellow flowers . They are ruffled and may be white or pink with yellow centers. The red spike is not actually the flower, but it does provide the big show. The butterfly ginger variety produces pink and red flowers, which are not just pretty, but also emit a pleasant fragrance. If you do have a South Florida garden, or one in a similar climate, you can grow these ginger plants that flower and enjoy the blooms without much effort. To grow the most common edible variety, Zingiber officinale, all you need is ginger root from the grocery store.You can find ornamental ginger plants with vibrant flowers at a plant nursery, but these are often inedible. Most good garden soils, including sands, if sufficiently supplied with nutrients and moisture, are adequate for growing ginger. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Ginger only grows to about two to three feet/60-90cm in height. Variegated ginger is a moderate grower that can reach heights of 3 to 6 feet, and grows 5 to 8 feet wide. • The White Butterfly Ginger Lily or Hedychium coronarium has fern-like, waxy green leaves moving constantly in the wind, which make the plant look, as if it is dancing. Ornamental, or flowering, gingers are different from the edible variety. The Plant Pages give you all the basics - and then some! These are the most cold-hardy gingers and range in … Newbies-Discover new-to-you plants and how to grow them in sandy soil and blazing sun. Forget popping in non-edible ornamental plants… why do that when you can grow something delicious and beautiful? They cannot tolerate locations with strong winds or poorly draining soil. These are also tropical and sub-tropical plants that will not tolerate winters that are much colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 C.). 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Tricolor Gingers are easy to grow, flowering plants that produce lightly scented, blooms throughout the summer. Growing ginger is easy in Florida’s climate; because it is a perennial, it will continue to grow and thrive in your garden for many years. The most widely grown ornamental ginger in our area is the Hedychium spp. You can then take out pieces as you need them throughout the year, and it can easily be grated frozen. Plant flowering ginger in an area of the garden that receives partial sunlight; if growing more than one, space them 36 to 60 inches apart. Costus speciosus. Choose a spot that receives full or partial shade, and plant peacock gingers so that their rhizomes will be about 1/2 inch below the soil surface. This ginger will give you spectacular blooms. Ginger may also be referred to as true ginger, stem ginger, garden ginger or root ginger and it is believed to have originated in the Southeast Asia. And if you want to plant a whole hectare order 1000 - … After digging up the rhizomes, allow them to air dry in the shade. When our cool nights return and the tops die back, it is the signal to dig up the roots, which will have multiplied, and take some in for eating and place some back in the ground for next year’s harvest. The leaves are long and green, but there are cultivars of this ginger that have variegated leaves. Other Names: Pinecone Ginger, Itter Ginger, Broad-leaved Ginger, Martinique Ginger,… The White Butterfly Ginger Lily … Fall is finally here and we are beginning to enjoy our first few bursts of cold air coming in from the northwest. Your ginger plant rhizome should have around 3 inches of soil space around it in the pot. These plants have long, thin leaves that point upward and produce vibrant-colored blooms year-round. So get ready to make ginger bread, gingersnaps, ginger muffins, ginger ale, ginger-based sauces, ginger spiced soup, and so much more, all with your fresh, spicy, pungent homegrown ginger root! During the warm seasons, you will enjoy this perennial’s dark green narrow leaf blades, and although not as showy as ornamental gingers, it will occasionally produce green oblong stalks with white and dark red fragrant flowers. Ornamental Ginger, Red and Pink . They have been described as a string of pearls. When planting ginger in … Like any plant you must consider the environment to which it is native. Cultivated … Today, it is grown throughout the Hawaiian islands, but it … Plant flowering gingers with other large tropical plants like cannas or elephant ears to create a sultry statement. It also has very few pests and can be largely ignored as it grows throughout the year. also called butterfly ginger. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Choose your ginger plant. Therefore, it is often an excellent choice for yards with many trees, as is common among our many oaks and pines. Shop Now! Snowbirds - Find easy-going plants that can thrive with only part-time care. Peacock gingers will tolerate a range of soils, though the plants will generally perform best in a rich, well-drained soil. Schumann, is a tall, upright, herbaceous, evergreen A shoot … Sign up for our newsletter. Oxblood ginger.

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