Blue rams are peaceful South American cichlids. You may find them listed as semi-aggressive with some sources, because they may nip fins. Floor space is more important than height. Guppies will get along with any peaceful community fish, but keep in mind they are very small, so don't house them with bigger fish who may eat them! They are best kept in large, specimen-only tanks. The humidity level in the tank should always be kept at 75 to 80 percent. They are known for their aggressive nature and specific fin characteristics; especially their huge caudal fin. While there is some variation in appearance, the giant millipedes are largely similar in their characteristics and care. They should be kept in shoals of six or more. They can help you manage pest snails in your tank, but there are also a few important things to know about them. They will disperse around the tank, but school tightly when threatened. The leopard bush fish, also known as the spotted leaf fish, spotted climbing perch and leopard gourami, among other names, is one of my favorite fish I have ever kept. If you’re interested in other invertebrates you can keep as pets, check out: Otherwise, check out exotic animals that can be your pet! They may or may not eat smaller fish, so you might wish to keep them with peaceful tankmates that are too big to fit into their mouths. The discus is a new-world cichlid that is certainly at the top of the heap when it comes to beautiful, colorful aquarium fish. By Karelj [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons. Scientific Name(s): Archispirostreptus spp, Scaphiostreptus spp. Be sure to test the water for traces of chlorine and chloramine using an inexpensive pool chemistry test kit, and always double check the quality and cleanliness of the food and substrate you are providing if your millipede exhibits: While it is perfectly legal to own an African giant millipede as a pet in the U.S., it is not legal to import wild-caught specimens across the U.S. border. Others on this list are quite aggressive, some to the point where they should be housed alone in single-specimen tanks. I once had many of the ones you mentioned. African cichlids aren’t generally compatible with other tropical fish, even other cichlids from different parts of the world. Keep a shallow dish of clean and fresh chlorine-free water available for your millipedes. It should not be kept with aggressive species, as its peaceful nature makes it an easy target. Male cherry barbs have gorgeous bright-red coloring. Oscars are large, aggressive, carnivorous new-world cichlids that are most often kept in single-specimen tanks. While many tank owners don’t mind the mundane maintenance required to keep an aquarium running, what they really love is the time spent kicking back and enjoying their creation. Dust only some of the food lightly with a vitamin supplement containing calcium to add it to the diet. Fancy guppies come in all kinds of bright color variations, and they really stand out in an aquarium. When that happens, they have two main modes of defense. They grow even larger than blood parrots, reaching an adult length of over a foot. Because they grow to around four inches in length and are best kept in small groups of six or more they may not be the right choice for newbie fishkeepers. However, I’ve always felt it was better to make the backdrop as realistic as possible and allow the fish to be the stars of the show. Freeze the leaves to reduce the number of invisible organisms introduced on the leaves. These legs look different than the other legs in that they have grasping claws and are often carried tucked up under the body. A tight-fitting or weighted lid is a good idea. In the wild, giant millipedes are herbivores that graze old and decaying (but not rotting) plant material. I was tempted to include the betta in my list of colorful community fish, but I did not want to mislead anyone. They are mostly peaceful, and many fishkeepers choose to house them in a species-only tank. 534 Likes, 9 Comments - University of Rochester (@urochester) on Instagram: “Rochester graduate Emma Chang ’20 is a classically trained musician. It is a peaceful fish that prefers a well-planted tank and poses little threat to anything that doesn’t fit in its mouth. While still a relatively docile fish, altercations between individuals of the same species, or other anabantids, may occur. ... and is therefore an excellent daily diet for fish such as plecos, African cichlids and many other herbivore fish. They get along fine with others so you can keep more than one in the same tank. There are many betta fish tank mates or companions that can live with male or female bettas under the right conditions. Always leave a large stone in the dish as a climb-out ladder to prevent potential drowning. You may choose to add some feeder fish for its diet, but don't stock any small fish unless you want to see them become lunch. It also comes in attractive color variations as a result of selective breeding. In this article, you’ll learn about several categories of the most colorful fish for your freshwater aquarium. This means it can be tough to find an African giant millipede. bettas can be community fish in certain situations. Some ways you can avoid stress include choosing compatible fish, not overstocking your tank, and making sure fish are kept in the appropriate numbers.

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