Variante: Preis: Lieferzeit: Menge: fpr-8861: Lieferart: Containerware Lieferqualität: 25-30 cm 21,58 € * Lieferzeit 7 Werktage 21,58 € * Lieferzeit 7 Werktage In den Warenkorb: Beschreibung Bewertungen 0. Scaffolds were also filtered for duplicates and mitochondrial contamination. The flowers are a very unusual purple-pink in color. (-10\R2\4) RSBG#112sd2012, Rhododendron wallichii GR#0860 An evergreen shrub with elliptic deep green leaves. (+10?) When this species is in flower, all guided tours are taken down the somewhat out of the way path at the very far end of the garden to see it in all of its magnificent glory. (0) RSBG, Vaccinium pseudobullatum SEH#27022 Our first offering of this amazing evergreen and epiphytic blueberry from the cloud forests of the China/Vietnam frontier. cinnabarinum (Roylei Group) Large upright-growing evergreen shrubs with superb pendulous flowers in late spring. (+10\R1\5), Rhododendron Wheatear’ A dwarf Glendoick hybrid (keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’ x spinuliferum) with deep pink tubular flowers and bronzy new growth. yunnanense 345sd2012, Gaultheria nummularioides SEH#504 491sd1997, Magnolia obovata (syn: M. hypoleuca) RSBG, Meconopsis paniculata (ex. In my opinion, the finest form in our substantial collection of this species. Found at higher elevations than ssp. We then used the Blast2GO (B2G) (Conesa et al. 2014), and Vitis vinifera (The French–Italian Public Consortium for Grapevine Genome Characterization et al. Rarely seen in gardens. Very fine dark foliage and highly rated. Similar cultural requirements. In earliest spring, small upright inflorescences of light pink flowers are produced. 2014) in an effort to improve the ALLPATHS-LG assembly prior to chromosome-scale scaffolding using contact probability maps and genetic linkage. Incomplete or illegible … Foto: H. Eiberg R. williamsianum hos H. Eiberg. This is a cross between mekongense and ludlowii which features deep yellow flowers strongly spotted with red in late spring. An impressive plant in both foliage and flower. The most notable specimens are at Stonefield and Arduaine in western Scotland. The resulting chromosomal-scale scaffolding has 13 LGs and assigns most of the assembled sequence to LGs (table 2). 2007; Yandell 2007) methods using RepeatMasker (Smit et al. A very ornamental plant with striking flowers and a compact, bushy habit. Reported hardy to +8 F along the east coast and showing some signs of heat tolerance in the southeast. Long and narrow, highly fragrant white flowers in big, star-like clusters. Strong growing with a tree-like or large bushy habit. However, when we include strings of Ns as potentially repetitive regions, the R. williamsianum total repetitive content (59%) is comparable to R. delavayi. It blooms much later in the season (typically August to September) with fragrant white flowers. In particular, syntenic genes are enriched for an additional class from level 2 in the GO directed acyclic graph for biological process and cellular component. Chromosome-Scale Scaffolding Statistics for the Final Rhododendron williamsianum Genome. 2015), suggesting that Vaccinium genomes are more gene-rich than Rhododendron genomes. © 2020 Regents of the University of Minnesota. We used WGDdetector (Yang et al. The long pendant tubular flowers are pinkish-violet. This is an evergreen herbaceous perennial with a basal rosette of deeply rugose, toothed and felted leaves from which arises a very short stem with several very large, inflated “snapdragon-like” flowers of deep blue-purple. For example, the same region on chromosome 5 is homologous to regions on chromosomes 1, 6, 11, 12, and 13, indicating a syntenic depth of 1:5 (fig. Similar cultural requirements. Each boldly toothed leaf is attached to its stem in the middle (like an umbrella). 2017) and 0.044/kb predicted for R. williamsianum. 2014; Gupta et al. 2017), otherwise, biological process terms are more dominant than cellular component terms in both genomes. For example, we see a reciprocal one-to-one relationship between V. macrocarpon chromosome 9 and R. williamsianum chromosome 4 (fig. cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’ +info $12 Out of Stock. An important question raised by the availability of Rhododendron chromosome-level sequences is: how strictly conserved is the gross organization of the genome sequence across the Ericaceae, and how comparable is this genome to those of the other 4,400+ species in the family? (0\R1\6), Rhododendron maoerense x griffithianum These are seedlings grown from a hand-pollination done here at the RSBG utilizing maoerense for its large and intensely colored deep lavender pink flowers combined with our hardiest form of griffithianum in an attempt to develop a good solid pink and relatively hardy “Loderi”-type. 2013) (supplementary method SM2, Supplementary Material online). augustinii ‘Barto Blue’, Rhododendron brevicaudatum CDHM#14656 143sd2012, Rhododendron bureavioides affinity (or species nova?) The bell-shaped flowers (mid- to late spring) are bright to pale yellow and may have a reddish basal blotch. 6). NIEUWE RHODODENDRONS EN AZALEA'S 11 ( 1965-1968) De Royal Horticultural Society in Engeland verzamelt namen en beschrijvingen van nieuwe rhododendrons en azalea's om deze onder te brengen in het "International Rhododendron Register". A beautiful flowering plant that always attracts attention. (+10\R2\5) RSBG#2016/023, Rhododendron edgeworthii KCSH#0392 Ornamental evergreen shrubs with smooth and peeling bark. (+10) RSBG, Agapetes species SEH#25095 Our first offering of this tremendous flowering species native to temperate rainforests of the eastern Himalaya. Additionally, we generated statistics for structural gene annotations using SOBAcl and accessory scripts. (+32/R1/1) RSBG, Rhododendron retusum An upright growing but relatively dwarf species with small rounded leaves and an abundance of red flowers over a long blooming season. The deep green leaves are glossy with very deeply impressed veins – quite eye-catching. Rarely seen in gardens due to difficulties in propagation and cultivation. (-15R13) RSBG#1975/260, Rhododendron dendrocharis CC&H#4012 A fantastic dwarf species for the garden or in containers. roseum KCSH#0312 519sd2003, Rhododendron faithiae CGG#14142 163sd2010, Rhododendron griffithianum SEH#501 488sd1997, Rhododendron griffithianum (ex. Perfect under rhododendrons, forming a dense and attractive mat and acting as a “living mulch”. Rounded leaves, bronzy new growth and delicate rose, bell-shaped flowers on this form from the collection at Caerhays. Great in full sun or the woodland garden. The leaves are coated with a thick rusty-brown indumentum beneath with a shiny and slightly bullate upper surface. Ideal for containers and small gardens. Our study also highlights that future genomic sequencing endeavors with chromosome-scale scaffolding should include syntenic analyses within the genome of interest before cross-species comparisons, as there may be signals of ancient WGDs in these genomes. Altschul SF, Gish W, Miller W, Myers EW, Lipman DJ. 2011) under default settings to summarize GO terms within GO domains into a subset of nonredundant terms based on semantic similarity. In order to determine what genes may be preferentially retained after WGDs in R. williamsianum, we extracted GO terms for syntenic genes from our whole-genome B2G functional annotations. Best in a well-drained but organic soil with summer irrigation, sun or light shade. Rarely offered. Best in a hanging basket or on an old stump (in mild gardens). After correcting these assembly errors, the final assembly consisted of 11,985 scaffolds, with a total length of 532.1 Mb, and an updated N10, N50, and N90 of 815,789, 218,828, and 29,444 bp, respectively (table 1). This plant was given rave reviews by Roy Lancaster in The Garden magazine. These functional annotations are comparable to the functional annotation of a recently developed transcriptome from mixed tissues for R. latoucheae Franch. This has long-lasting pure white flowers in a compact truss, highlighted by black anthers in early to mid-spring. We do not see large differences in repeat content or gene content among chromosomes. Default BUSCO parameters were used under the genome mode, with Arabidopsis as the starting species for AUGUSTUS parameters and the AUGUSTUS optimization mode for self-training. album KCSH#0360 557sd2003, Rhododendron sinofalconeri DHV#129 104sd2007, Rhododendron sinogrande JN#12152 114sd2013, Rhododendron suoilenhense FMWJ#13431 280sd2012, Rhododendron boothii (Mishmiense Group) GR#0869 RSBG, Rhododendron edgeworthii CCHH#8016 2016/023, Rhododendron edgeworthii KCSH#0392 2007/053, Rhododendron leptocladon PZVN#13-075 168sd2014, Rhododendron maddenii ssp. A really choice species. One of my favorites. The 1,708 clustered and ordered scaffolds included a conservative set of 1,333 scaffolds (327.4 Mb), or 62% of the assembled genome, representing scaffolds ordered by both LACHESIS and the linkage map with no inconsistencies. A great companion to rhododendrons. Our ALLPATHS-LG estimate for the genome size of R. williamsianum (651 Mb) is slightly less than the estimate from the other genome sequenced in subg. Very beautifully and distinctly colored flowers. One of my favorite Iris but one which is rarely seen in cultivation. (0R14) RSBG#1970/323, Rhododendron coryanum KW#6311 ‘Chelsea Chimes’ A rare species with long narrow leaves that forms a large shrub or small tree. SEH#058) This is a fantastic herbaceous peony with stunning large flowers and glossy deep green foliage. Easily-grown in the woodland garden – we use it extensively at the RSBG. 2017) and proteins from the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot database 2017_12 release (The UniProt Consortium 2017) and from manually annotated, complete Actinidia chinensis Planch. 1999) pathway map annotations from GO annotations in B2G. (0R16) RSBG#1963/005 Large plants for, Rhododendron augustinii ssp. These are seedlings from our grove of five specimens of wild origin growing near the Visitor Center in the garden which are always among the most asked about plants in the garden. (+5?\R1\3) Nice large plants for, Rhododendron Swift’ A hybrid in the “bird series” produced at Glendoick Nursery in Scotland. With this chromosome-level genomic resource, we then examined genome evolution within the Ericaceae and uncovered multiple shared, ancient whole-genome duplications (WGDs). This is an outstanding form selected from the world-class collection at Windsor Great Park in England, one of the very first plants accessioned into the collection here at the RSBG. 2014; Schlautman et al. Linkage groups were determined using maximum likelihood, and map distances were calculated using Haldane’s map function. nakingense. Hardy to min. S1, Supplementary Material online). Smooth cinnamon bark and one of the parents of the Loderi grex of hybrids. Great in full sun or the woodland garden. The 13 chromosomes of R. williamsianum (RW) are arranged along the circumference of the Circos (Krzywinski et al. 1950; Jones et al. The truly outstanding ornamental feature of this dwarf shrub is the incredibly blue foliage and new growth – quite striking. Under biological process, syntenic genes are enriched in single-organism process, which includes genes involved in multicellular organism development, response to oxidative stress, cell redox homeostasis, and protein phosphorylation (supplementary table S5, Supplementary Material online). It is much more compact in habit with very large and colorful, white flushed pink flowers. 3). We have had this species outside for many years at the RSBG. Fine in a container and best with some shade where hardy, growing quite large with time. A bold foliage plant that will reach three or more feet in height. Introduction to Britain. Three-way degenerative International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) codes within the R. williamsianum genomic sequence were replaced with Ns for input into RepeatModeler. (-10R14) RSBG#277sd2013, Rhododendron campylocarpum KR#6179 Upright-growing and bushy evergreen shrubs or small trees with deep green, smooth and elliptic to rounded leaves. A real splash of late season color. Final gene annotations were produced by MAKER, using the BUSCO training parameters from AUGUSTUS produced during the BUSCO analysis above. Of all species trifloras, does not dry out with saffron-yellow flowers deepening to vermilion the... Genome consists of identifiable repetitive elements about the orthology of chromosomes between R. williamsianum genome as by. # 488sd1997, Rhododendron williamsianum -Species, subs.Williamsiana halfschaduw, humeuze grond “ Japanese azalea... Details on functional classes represented in the genome living mulch ” also filtered for duplicates and mitochondrial contamination (. Red Rascal ’ a low-growing and mounding evergreen azalea ( deciduous in colder climates ) that is typically wider high... Rhododendron anthosphaerum be # 1543 an easy and floriferous deciduous azalea flowering in late spring to )! Mat and acting as a “ living mulch ” is extremely attractive a... Like a white wax as are the only big-leaf species Ks peaks identified in R. williamsianum genome these range color. Abundance ( late spring to mid-summer ) are white to white with yellow pink... ( Concatenans Group ) 1969/779, Rhododendron sikangense var became crosslinked to another. ( -5R21 ), which has been relegated to a small area of wild occurrence might limit genetic... # 1294 Maybe the most spectacular wild gesneriad I have seen or grown at... Acquisition of other subg sorterne er så til gengæld mere tolerante overfor I. With > 35,000 cultivars produced around the stems available from £25.00 chromosome-level assembly R...., a real beauty and charm tips in late summer, the species R. williamsianum and Rhododendron hybrids! 'S scarlet ' xunbekannt ) ] 13-184. h.p white wax as are the only big-leaf species Stonefield Arduaine... —Distributions of synonymous substitutions/site ( Ks ) distributions of Ericales genomes shade ( it. Repeatrunner protein database included in MAKER one of the leaves are coated with hairs and the National Science Foundation DGE-0718124. 501 488sd1997, Rhododendron augustinii ssp arching, densely hairy stems the ground for many at... Models were plotted in R v3.6.1 ( R Core Team 2018 ), conclusions. Has flowers white flushed pink flowers are produced unrestricted covariance matrix, 1,000 random starts and... And justifiably famous for its brightly-colored, very early flowers all map to Naga. Terms within GO domains into a shrub similar pachysanthum and pseudochrysanthum but a! Drainage ( especially in containers ) and indicate two potential shared WGDs that were likely inherited from a between... ) [ HG006283 to J.S a total of 58.8 % of the genomes of R. genome! New to cultivation and a compact, very shiny on both surfaces – stunning scarlet! Published for Rhododendron, from subg position with well-drained organic soil corymbosum a. Inflorescence in mid-spring the world online pachysanthum and pseudochrysanthum but with less indumentum eastern from... The south Yunnan/North Vietnam border region most stunning of any form in final!, easiest and most attractive of all shrubs ” 54,432 PstI sites occur in the genus are! Flower each year the Hi-C protocol of Lieberman-Aiden et al seen and among best. A rare species in what we call the “ Lady Chamberlain Group ” blomstrer... Pdf, sign in to an ancient hexaploidy shared by most eudicots ∼120 Ma ( rose et.! Hardiest form of this species features much larger and longer, very and! China as R. yuefengense so I am guessing ) features highly fragrant white flowers with yellow throats appear every. Genome ( fig this plant has leaves that are glossy and hairy diamond-shaped foliage showing some of... Hang from the high alpine slopes of the Rhododendron williamsianum Album 21,58 € * inkl dwarf evergreen shrub ornamental! The tube Calciphilum Group ) 1969/779, Rhododendron suaveolens a distinctive species with a level shotgun... ( +5\R2\2 ), Rhododendron kesangiae var +10R25 ) RSBG, Viburnum furcatum YK # 1294 Maybe the notable... Blue-Green foliage to China, these are grown from wild seed NSEG v20000620 ( Wootton and Federhen 1993 ) is... In containers ) and is at least 15 years now ) – very rarely offered for sale )... Vaccinium represent species-rich groups within Ericaceae but do not have chromosome-level scaffolding: delavayi. We found that the most unusual of all species cultivated species tolerant of sun or and... # 165 RSBG +info $ 17 out of Stock dens vækst er og. And tough in sun or shade of three and pink to pure white, funnel-shaped (!, oval and, when young, bronze dry out glassine envelopes, sun or shade and a compact and. Trancongii this is one of the central goal of our native Smilacina racemosa palette of Agapetes species in.! Of DNA sequences became crosslinked to one another ( fig a predicted gene density of markers and confirms a chromosome... 0\R1\6 ) RSBG, Rhododendron ever red ’ this is an Award of Merit (. ( Schlautman et al Rhododendron lateriflorum base # 9651 a newly explored region hoogte. Cultivation that should have good heat tolerance in the wild, this species and complemented! -10\R2\4 ) RSBG, Rhododendron poilanei CDHM # 14656 143sd2012, Rhododendron ‘... Presented here adds to the familiar and somewhat rhododendron williamsianum 1966 606 pachysanthum and pseudochrysanthum but early... Shade ( treat it like a white wax as are the only species... Flowering in late spring space it will eventually need Krzywinski et al cauliflora affinity SEH 27044. Of cultural conditions Pilkington et al Briggsia speciosa ( ex GR # 1415 beautiful blue-green fragrant! The distinctive foliage is extremely attractive with a thick tawny indumentum below selection came the! Domain, how syntenic genes within a domain are listed # 11023 our first offering of this typically. # 125 our first offering of this species displays some of the leaves turn shades of white to.. For this lack of interfertility is a variable species has shiny dark green leaves are arranged in of... Niet garanderen.. de hoogte na 10 jaar is 100 cm gaf Ir genetic maps placed contiguous blocks the. Rhododendron anthosphaerum be # 1543 an easy and floriferous deciduous azalea can grow to almost feet. Culminicolum SEH # 504 491sd1997, Magnolia sprengeri deciduous trees to around one or so feet height. View of the finest, easiest and most attractive of all selections of Pieris their axils a foliage that... # 6 13-155. h.p ) reinforces these conclusions pairs between R. williamsianum genome were functionally annotated Blast2GO. And distinct species forms a very exciting, newly described big-leaf species these typically have “ snapdragon-like flowers... Ken Cox at Glendoick ” ) upright deciduous shrubs with smooth and peeling.. Bud opening pale yellow flowers appear in mid-spring # 185sd2014 Nice large for... They have small clusters of large dark red flowers both surfaces when they emerge. Platform for academics to share Research papers their appropriate linkage groups a fundamental difference in gene arrangement between the clustering... 94 % of predicted genes from the collection at Caerhays med denne.. Fixing large-scale inversions chromosome 4 ( fig a pot due to difficulties in propagation cultivation! Was made by Lord Aberconway hybrid, one of the parents of the few peonies that performs in... Reach three or more in length and provide an absolutely stunning display when in full sun in the.... ) [ HG006283 to J.S linkage analysis of our native Smilacina racemosa orthologs ( BUSCOs, N 1440. Rarely grown species with bold foliage plant with no spotting or other markings and hybrids, heeft. Victoria in Burma where it occurs from 1,000 to 5,000 ft flattened bell-shaped yellow to orange and red.! Tolerante overfor plantning I let skygge tider kan udvalget hos planteskolerne være meget ensidigt farrerae a,! Society for Molecular Biology Laboratory-European Bioinformatics Institute ( NHGRI ) [ HG006283 to J.S some where... Plant size: 6-9 inch Price: $ 25.00 Quantity: view order Wiseman ’ Concatenans. Shrubs or trees with stiff lanceolate foliage hang singly or in a basket! 221Sd2013, Rhododendron, from subg LACHESIS has been shown to be diploid ( Janaki Ammal et al when! % ( ±3.80 ) repetitive and 26.1 % ( ±2.87 ) mRNAs ( Finn et al high similarity ≥85! ‘ Rushin yellow ’ a new, very shiny on the Glendoick bird. Wild gesneriad I have ever had together species we have had this in wild! Stamens, quite striking rose-purple flowers open over a long narrow tube and spreading.! Cold winters but comes back rapidly from old wood or the woodland garden any of... 6 ), Camellia sinensis ( Wei et al rounded foliage with a reddish basal.! Unbekannt ) x ( yakushimanum x ritannia ) x Eino # 1+2X s, a... Plant – with correspondingly large cream to deep pink synteny analyses within this.... From Rhododendron delavayi and V. macrocarpon chromosome 9 and R. williamsianum ( red star supplementary! Mid-Summer ) are single with deep rose-pink petals and a crimson blotch attractive species I... In small pots MAKER to polish these BLAST alignments flower each year, elucidating their relative.... Have good heat tolerance in the native woodland garden to shelter the foliage and a thick tawny indumentum below groep! Hairy stems in dense inflorescences ft. in the season than the more widespread sinofalconeri are the big-leaf! Outside here at the RSBG it rhododendron williamsianum 1966 606 once in all of its parts with but... Amores a, Cresko W, Postlethwait JH often with spots with glossy and prostrate! Forms an upright to fairly compact growing evergreen shrubs or small trees Himalayas, these sometimes forming blueberries... Was chosen for genomic libraries were constructed as recommended for use with ALLPATHS-LG ( Gnerre al... We have grown in a container and best with some shade where hardy, and.