Why? It also shrinks so be sure to smoosh it in good. We were told by the log home company that chinking is not necessary. Because of the amazing help that I received from this company, I've begun the process of replacing the chinking with tan Permachink. The material that Home Depot sells is able to be installed on the face of any home, giving it the look and dimension of a log cabin. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following log movement. Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. https://www.permachink.com/products/log-sealants/perma-chink#sigProIdb33cc01e91, Remains Flexible to Allow for Log Movement, Chink seam size should be 1/6 of log diameter, Cure in 2-8 weeks depending on temperature and humidity. Luxe Haven Riviera Blue Porto Tile Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Covers 40.5 sq. Be prepared before you buy. It worked great and was easy to use! Perma-Chink is still the easiest and most durable log chinking to apply to your log home. We heat with a gas fireplace and wood stove and the chinking has reduced our heating costs by sealing around the doors, windows, and especially along the purlin logs and the tongue-and-grove ceiling. And, as one couple learned while restoring a Depression-era log cabin in Oregon, rechinking a log home can be an arduous process. Size Conversion Rates: ", S Crose in KY (01/05/17) - "My husband and I are in the process of building and restoring a 1800's log home. It doesn’t really have an odor. Jo at Premier Painters, LLC in ID (10/23/15) - "We have been applying Perma-Chink chinking material for over 13 years on a commercial level. Log Jam Chinking cc0005-Log-Jam-Chinking Log Jam Chinking by Sashco is a water based chinking that applies easily and tools and cleans up with just water. Our chinking and caulking guns offer quality dispensing … Log Jam is the elastic chinking that simply responds better to log movement than other chinking and maintains the traditional look of mortar without stretching out. Linda L (3/24/2019) - "I have used so many Perma-Chink products (chinking, Chink Paint, Check Mate 2, Woodsman, etc.) 11oz Tube $237.48 Chinking for Log Homes. The chinking is tops, stain is very durable and easy to apply. S Foster in PA (10/20/14) - "Perma-Chink is a great product, and it lasts forever!" So far so good!" Offering lightweight construction, the Sheetrock UltraLight 1/2 in. ", K Wright in NC (08/12/2014) - "We restored a hundred year plus cabin that has been in our family for generations. Log home chinking engineered for zero shrinkage and up to 400% elongation. They were such a help to me and very encouraging and patient! It has taken months, but with a little work each week, it is nearly complete. Triple Stretch Log Home Chinking (case of (12) 10.3 oz tubes, Woodtone) 4.1 out of 5 stars 6. What you need to get … $21.95 Concrete, Cement & Masonry. We ordered a catalog and received a whole packet of information that included a brochure that explained our upcoming journey perfectly. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Available for purchase are 10.3oz cans, 30oz cans, and 5 gallon pails of Triple Stretch chinking product so you can tackle any size of job. Planning on continuing to the inside this year. Weatherall Triple Stretch Chinking is a uniquely formulated chinking manufactured specifically for use where exceptional elasticity is required, such as logs with greater moisture content, log or slab siding, log corners, or other dynamically moving log joints. Skins over in 1-2 hours The color is perfect to accent our stain and topcoat, the texture matches my grandparents' cabins' mortar (which was very important to me!) With light pressure, slide flat-bladed tool along sealant to smooth and ensure adhesion to logs. Log Jam Chinking … A log home’s exterior—including the chinking—should be inspected and cleaned annually, and chinking should be replaced when it shows signs of wear. Watch Application Video on YouTube K Wright in NC (08/12/2014) - "We restored a hundred year plus cabin that has been in our family for generations. Use this calculator to find out approximately how much Perma-Chink sealant you need