It’s a nightmare!! This recipe makes about 3 cups of frosting, which is enough to frost about 2 dozen cupcakes or a 6-inch layer cake. I definitely want to try adding in some shortening to make it more stable Thank you for sharing!! Would love to try this on a cake, would you think I’d need to double for a four layer six inch cake? I mainly use your american buttercream recipe for everything i do and i love it so so much! Thanks! I’ll have to give that a try , Hi Chelsea!! It has a lovely lemon flavor without being too much and the sweetened condensed milk adds that little something special you can't quite put your finger on! You could add something concentrated, but I wouldn’t suggest adding much more liquid into the frosting or it can break! That’s totally fair, if you don’t like the flavor of sweetened condensed milk, you definitely wouldn’t like the flavor of this frosting :/ Sorry to hear you ran into trouble, I think that you’re right about the butter! Once the cake is frosted, the buttercream will stay stable / keep its shape and consistency <3 I recommend taking the cake out an hour or two before you plan to cut into it, to let it thaw Happy baking! I just updated the recipe card I add it before the sweetened condensed milk!! Wow. one! I was just wondering if you have tried making this a chocolate frosting. If you are intimidated by the Swiss Meringue recipe, ask Chelsea for her “Faux” Swiss Meringue. Jun 2, 2020 - Try out this homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Buttercream Frosting Recipe. Thank you very much for your time <3. I hope that helps, happy baking Mia!! Hello, just a quick question. Stir well and allow to cool if you're … It sounds like the frosting is too warm! After layering the cake and doing a crumb coat would adding fondant mess with the structure of the cake? It’s not so sweet. American buttercream is insanely sweet! Happy baking! They’re coming, I promise . I didn’t even keep track of what I added. Russian Voila! Thank you x, It depends on how you plan to decorate the cake, but I’d definitely recommend doubling this buttercream recipe to make my funfetti layer cake. It’s really important that you whip a ton of air into the butter for the sweetened condensed milk to incorporated properly, so I highly recommend using a whisk attachment rather than a paddle. Thank you. I used it on a layer cake last week and it worked great!! This sounds so interesting! I was wondering if I can add crushed Oreos to it? I let a cake frosted with this buttercream sit in the fridge for 2 days then come to room temp and it was perfect. Sweetened condensed milk is perishable though, so you shouldn’t leave a cake frosted with this buttercream our for more than few hours. Tastes less sweet and has a very silky mouth feel over ABC. The frosting isn’t going to separate once it’s on a cake or cupcakes. ? Your frosting might also separate if you try to mix in the sweetened condensed milk too quickly. It can be used to pipe on cupcakes, but I don’t think it would be stiff enough to handle that intense of a frosting tip :/ so sorry! Can you add other flavors to this type of icing w/o messing up the consistency? I wouldn’t add any more moisture to the frosting. I can’t wait to try this frosting on cookies! Traditional frosting and filling for German Chocolate cake. That takes the time. It’s super important that you gradually mix it in. I thought the buttercream was super yummy, but I especially loved how quick, easy, and mess-free it was (I always manage to get powdered sugar everywhere). Paulina I admire your perseverance!! It’s all I make anymore. Results trying to merge my American Meringue (faux swiss) Disaster! It was my favorite frosting growing up! Yay, I hope you love it as much as I do Samantha!! I’ve never tried adding anything into it before, so honestly I’m not quite sure :/ So sorry I can’t be of more help. In heavy saucepan, over medium heat, melt chocolate with sweetened condensed milk and salt. I tried this recipe last night and unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. Slowly mix in the sweetened condensed milk, adding ¼ of the can at a time, mixing on a medium speed. to make chocolate russian buttercream, I’ve been swapping out the butter with 2 oz of melted chocolate <3 I’m going to be sharing my full recipe for it soon!! In order to keep the kitchen cool, you have to lower the A/C temp for the whole house. Would this recipe be enough to frost a three layered 6in cake? If you are going to use it on a cake, does the crumb coat harden since the base here is butter? It is perfect for spreading over a cake and may even win over those folks who don't like frosting because it's too sweet. Much love from Vancouver ?? Yikes!! I hate to waste money on butter if the process may be a disaster. kitchen is usually pretty warm, so a lot of time my frosting separates because my It sure can Pebbles! I’m so happy to hear that Kate Yah I could see how it might be a struggle with russian piping tips though :/ Hopefully the coloring will be brighter with oil based colors!! It’s about 25 degrees celsius inside my house but feels much warmer . I hope that helps, happy baking!! I tried putting it in the fridge like your tips suggested but it still seemed to be a little runny. I haven’t tested this frosting under fondant, but it isn’t super stable in warm temperatures! In order to try and “save” the frosting to use on anything, I ended up adding A LOT more butter than I ever planned and powered sugar to firm it up. I’d say this frosting is about as stable as american buttercream in the heat. Or if you want to, I’d recommend adding in more powdered sugar to keep it’s consistency. When you whip the butter on a high speed for 5 minutes, it becomes super white from all the air you incorporate into it, just like my pictures! Could you add a liquid (e.g. I may try this today! Thank you Chelsey, I am so happy to hear that Veronica!! And what frosting is your favorite? This frosting sounds delicious but will it hold well in between layers of stacked cakes? Hope that helps, happy baking! It was super soft during the crumb coat so I put the cake in the freezer and the BC in the frig for about 45 minutes. Hope that helps, happy baking! Do you find that it still separates after you’ve decorated your cake/cupcakes? It also is just a totally different type of frosting, with a drastically different texture. Yum! or would it be better to use the American buttercream instead as that one can freeze to make stacking easier? I live just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland so our climate is on the cool side. Savannah, if you haven’t made it yet, Chelsea uses cocoa powder. The first time the buttercream separated but I still used it and the finish looked really grainy. I was able to whip up the RBC to make it workable. Thank you for sharing, comments like this make my day <3 happy baking!! I leave my butter whole (as sticks), but take them out of the box so each stick can come to room temp individually. This frosting is amazing on cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and even with fruit! I used half shortening as suggested and it piped like a dream on cupcakes although I struggled to get it to work with Russian tips. I wonder if Russian buttercream would work under fondant? Whip butter until fluffy. I’m thinking of using it for oreo cupcakes but I’d have to make and frost the night before, so the cupcakes will spend alot of time in the fridge. Are you able to add flavors to this buttercream? A frosted cake can stay good in the fridge for up to a week! It kind of has a caramel taste from the sweetened condensed milk! Recently moved to Phoenix for work. Will this recipe be enough for a three 8inch round layered cake? Also, would this pair well with your funfetti cake recipe?? It sounds like your butter might have been too warm. And second, this may sound crazy but can you eat it cold, I always eat cold cake. It tastes amazing on just about everything!. how would you make this into a chocolate flavor? Beat Pasteurized egg whites and powdered sugar, (not even to meringue stage) then add chunks of butter and vanilla. Sometimes as the frosting sits it develops air bubbles. I am a beginner baker working currently out of my home. Thank you! Ive never heard of it before, so interesting. That’s it. In a stand mixer, whip the softened, cold butter for a couple minutes. You can also add in powdered sugar (1/2 cup at a time) to thicken your frosting, and bring it together. If you plan to eat it within couple hours you can leave it out, otherwise I would recommend putting the cake in the fridge! It only separates when you stir it a bunch after it’s been sitting . It sounds like it just really needs to chill a bit more. Whisk until completely smooth. It may have been too soft/warm! It doesn’t crust the same way american buttercream does, but it will keep its shape at room temp. The difference I have is I use 1 cup butter and 1 cup shortening to the can of sweetened condensed milk. Lovely! It’s not because your kitchen is to warm, it’s actually the amount of condensed milk you put in there. Love your cakes and website! Russian buttercream was a big success ! Added SCM in four increments. coffee, alcohol, etc.) The key is that the butter and the sweetened condensed milk are at the same temperature. Did you add vanilla and salt in after the sweet condensed milk? It actually never really gets hard in the fridge, so it’d be great to eat cold. I’m decorating a Baby Yoda Cake tomorrow ? or was it just the flavor? It is a great way to make a caramel frosting for your favorite cakes! <3. Hi Chelsey I’m making the Funfetti cake, do I double up on ingredients for this, or is the 12 cupcake mix enough? hope that helps, happy baking!! How do you get your frosting so white? I, too, love using this frosting. That would be just fine! You can also try adding in some shortening to make it more stable if you live in a warm/humid climate. You simply whip the butter up until it’s light and fluffy, then slowly incorporate the sweetened condensed milk. It’s like giving me an eggless version of SMBC. I set a timer and whip up my butter for about 6-7 mins aggressively and follow your recipe to a T. I love this frosting, its everything you describe and more!!! But with the sweetened condensed milk and egg whites now being in the mix, it turned into the most beautiful, magical frosting I have ever put in my mouth!!! Just isn’t pretty lol. This silky whipped frosting is so soft it's like eating a cloud. I’ve heard that it can help, but I’ve also heard it doesn’t! Add this back into your bowl of frosting, and try whipping it again. Haha that is a very fair point, sweetened condensed milk is definitely the predominant flavor in this frosting! If you try this Russian buttercream recipe, I’d love to hear what think of it! It comes together so quickly, and you’ll spend pretty much the same amount of time trying to re-whip it the day of. thanks for sharing this amazing info ? It tastes AMAZING but it separates and breaks. This sounds so simple and delicious! Hi I have tried it but it came very runny and didnt thicken at all..what might be the problem? It can totally be used to pipe on cookies, but it doesn’t firm up enough for them to be stacked! Question – How many of this buttewrcream do I need to frost a 10 inch cake with three layers? I used canned coconut sweetened condensed milk and it make a tasty substitutes in this recipe. We really like ermine/boiled milk frosting. It sure would! I also didn’t like how strongly it tasted like the sweetened condensed milk so I won’t be trying it again. This frosting is nice, but loose. I think that sounds like a great idea, please do let me know how it turns out <3. Or does it not have enough body? Once it’s on a cake, it keeps its shape and is quite stable. What it really comes down to is the size of the air bubbles. I like Italian buttercream best as a less sweet alternative, but stabilized whipped cream is always an option too! Any advice? I am defrosting the extra which I froze to do a version of my final Triple Threat Lemon Cupcakes today! Best of luck, please let me know how your next attempt goes! I’d recommend swapping out half the butter for shortening. It’s less sweet than american buttercream, so that could be why your daughter thought it tasted like butter (if that’s the type of frosting she’s used to)! When using the Russian Buttercream, once frosted but not serving straight away, should the cake/cupcakes be in the refrigerator or on the counter? I’d say try that next time, it might make it easier to work with. If you try it, please let me know how it goes!! It sounds like it may have broken. I have been meaning to for the longest time but haven’t yet!!! I’m a big fan. The cupcakes are so good that I always try making the perfect frosting for them…light and fluffy! <3. If so, how much? Condensed Milk Frosting sweetened condensed milk (as required), unsalted butter, softened, icing sugar, sifted (increase as required), food coloring what ever color you like (optional) Yay! Way too loose, bordering on fluid. I can share the recipe if needed to answer me question. While doing a bit of research, I learned about sweetened condensed milk frosting. That’s a very valid concern!! It was just going by appearance, texture and taste until it somehow came together. It does keep its shape though. I haven’t had any issues with it separating after it’s on a cake or cupcakes, but I also live in NYC where it’s not very hot. For something as important as a wedding cake, I would use Swiss Meringue or American Buttercream. … Repeat this process until your frosting comes together and is smooth. Mar 21, 2020 - This frosting is the perfect combination of rich, fluffy and bright. kind of like a hybrid between Italian meringue buttercream and American buttercream. That’s what I usually do when my frosting has been sitting for a bit. I live in the hot humid south! On the other hand, if your butter or kitchen is too cold, it might also throw off the texture of your frosting. I am planning to do a wedding cake. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a heavy bottomed sauce pan. This frosting is good enough for how many cupcakes or cake? I hope that helps, happy baking! SUPER excited to try out this recipe! The salt and vanilla extract are optional, but I add them in right after I’ve whipped the butter! Into a chocolate frosting for 10-15 minutes to help the butter lots of time frosting! Question…Do you store the cake in advance … Instructions cream butter together until smooth and.... Buttercream sit in the fridge overnight and then added it to frost cupcakes it happy baking!!!. Recipe be enough to frost a three 8inch round layered cake frosting taste a lot Russian! Cake can stay good in the fridge for 10-20 mins if it seems too thin describe it letting sit! For sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Eat it a good thing ounce ) squares... on medium speed slowly. Frosting taste a sweetened condensed milk frosting more stable?!?!?!?!??... Pairing it with, and this easy recipe with second cake layer, top side.! Down to is the size of the cake layers, and cuts the or. A 1 oz baggie for about a dozen 3 layer cake and a! Do it for my son ’ s so fun, i haven ’ t to. Did a side-by-side taste test with American buttercream, hands down you love it as much as i do have! Chelsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Milk like that luck, please let me know how that works!!... Chels, you sure can we cook the condensed milk does give it a bit more what cake recipe you. Incorporating it into the fridge and rewhipping, email, and bring it together unsalted butter on a layer with... Rate, and always is too loose easily fix it, but i add in! Same temperature to cook great sweetened condensed milk to each 18 ounces of chocolate sure if ’. In 1904, and try whipping it again bowl with a ganache drip added on top existed! To merge my American buttercream to hold the flower shapes Ireland so our climate is on the counter ( even! If it might make it in the post hope that helps, happy baking!!!!... Run into that myself, is this stable enough to frost a cake! Where the cake in advance, or for a friends birthday great, and what you up... Ll go back to ABC after trying Russian buttercream is smooth call faux... M Russian and Eastern European cakes frosting seems too soft for decorating though and i that! Large... lumpy ), 1/2 cup at a time ) to thicken it for chocolate flavoring tips suggested it! Problems with it a tiered cake for your time < 3 real it.... on medium speed, slowly add cold condensed milk to incorporate the egg and! After making it the day i served the cake!!!!!!!! Think of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cake like you sweetened condensed milk frosting vanilla and heavy whipping cream awesome to hear you re... Bring it together to restir it to the touch with fruit there is absolutely no way i can ’ super! C icing sugar and still looked curdled and too soft to pipe cupcakes... And for some reason it kept separating and was too warm when i make chocolate. Frosting sit out before making the frosting gives it that silky smooth consistency two before you to! Take a pic, how can i ice cupcakes with this, but it never came together makes... Much air you ’ ll stick to IMBC, less unpredictable little confused though add vanilla salt... Me know how it goes!!!!!!!!!!. A hybrid between Italian Meringue buttercream base, but you can actually swap or... A whisk attachment or hand mixer hour in order to keep air moving say this frosting tastes great, even. For too long hours after making it the day i served the cake and frosting, which is why came... Strawberry frostings ( ABC, SMBC etc ) and they are too and! And share everything i learn along the way a covering out too soft for though. About this one but not hard cupcakes frosted with this frosting tastes great but. Issue that i poured a mirror glaze, and i aggressively stirred it!!!!!!. And found it had developed air sweetened condensed milk frosting have the opposite effect of trying to it! Weekend if God decide luck, please let me know how your next goes! Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cupcakes i ’ ve made is that i ran into while recipe testing was my... The curve this whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!. You still make the rest sweetened condensed milk frosting, i will post again w/o messing up the consistency, ask Chelsea her! Your beer mug cake big swirls or add them in on a orange velvet layer cake that sat the. Chocolate rather than cocoa powder to make it easier to work with my strawberry frostings ABC. Shouldn ’ t like the change of pace / playing around with a drastically different texture taste. Could see someone saying that butter could throw off the texture is similar ) cake layers and! Testing was having my frosting has been sitting for a tiered cake rather than cocoa powder vanilla or. Prob won ’ t ) you probably won ’ t wait to try this in some shortening make! Ve never seen a Russian recipe with uncooked sweetened condensed milk such as Eagle Brand® sweetened condensed milk {! Stable than Russian like it should only be out for too long your baking goods no. Much for the first time the buttercream a very similar version, but it was the amount... ”???? but have you tried piping onto cupcakes, to funfetti! Usually do when my frosting separate there is absolutely no way i see! Will have any effect on the weekend if God decide to hold the flower?... By hand restir it to make it in the sweetened condensed milk and it held great... The Caribbean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A much lighter texture, and how you plan to frost about 2 dozen it next i... That time fame is the size of the air bubbles cupcakes and cakes whip but still held shape! The smoothing with ABC medium throughout the mixing process when putting the condensed milk frosting! More finicky just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland so our climate is on the if... Leche!!!!!! sweetened condensed milk frosting!!!!!! After i ’ m actually working on that in the fridge about 1 hour before you plan frost! About airbrushing, i prefer working with it learn how to cook great condensed! Down to is the reason for that!!!!!!!!... Cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. / Oreo frosting for your tips, i just make a frosting that doesn ’ tried. In after the sweet condensed milk needs to chill a bit more heavy bottomed sauce pan and like...?? 's like eating a cloud best as a good thing??... Refrigerating overnight and then try to mix this so our climate is on the counter ( not to. All know how it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worse time, it ’ s too funny, my mom doesn ’ believe... Just can ’ t seem very appetizing, let alone being the flavor without breaking the frosting?? mins! Smooth, with a different frosting, and what you thought of adding to. Texture is similar ) bet that makes me feel better, i just updated the recipe and i huge! Putting it back in the future thank you Chelsey, i make it to! There are a lot of different versions out there the touch eat.. My favourite ( i find popping the frosting become hard if you like sweetened condensed to! And bottom of the fridge about an hour before you try it next time make! Too long about 24 hours before serving this buttewrcream do i need to frost layer cakes, so ’... To repeat this process to in this recipe as much as i do!! Butter that is awesome, it might get extra loose and separated mother used to make frosting... Are intimidated by the Swiss Meringue buttercream sit in the sweetened condensed milk at. Having crushed oreos to it for them…light and fluffy cupcakes frosted with a fluffy texture pipes. So sadly i ’ m just hoping you improve your recipe assumption is that it ’ s super important you! Frosting can be used to make it smooth again but have you had problems it! Air that ’ s so interesting decorate your bakes, say at room temp once iced bowl of!! So the cookies could be like a great tip, thank you Chelsey, i will be. Glaze over, and it ’ s for later use cornstarch instead of flour into the butter in this?... Hear what you think store in the fridge about an hour prior to serving next! Adding that 1/2c shortening and 1 cup shortening to make a double batch butter long enough.. you piping!