It’s hard to explain so here is a crudely drawn image: We do like carabiners but they are heavy. I suggest using tree straps that are friendly to the environment. Hammock camping is exactly as it sounds — you create sleep and camp where you can pitch your hammock to the evening time. Important Hammock Camping Tips for Beginners People ditching tents for hammocks because they are great. Your main priority should be to keep the hammock as dry as possible and stay warm. Tying a guyline either above or below your hammock with a series of loops gives you plenty of attachment points to store your gear. I created this blog to share my thoughts on hammocks and hammocking. Check to make sure that temperatures won’t drop into the 30s or 40s during the night and that precipitation chances are low since you won’t have a place to retreat or a partner to snuggle. Pick trees that are pretty far apart from one another so you can tautly hang your hammock. Bring a pee bottle. Will you be camping in good weather? You’ll also want to consider the type of material the hammock is constructed with. When winter camping in general, dressing in layers is the first line of defense in retaining your body heat. There are string lights to hang above the hammock for ambiance, pouches to keep smaller items close by, and portable stands in case you camp in an area where there aren’t enough trees. You could try to make one of these but it’s easier to just buy one plus they are fairly inexpensive. Use webbing straps around trees or other anchor points. Is it also one of the easiest to forget about? Sleeping in your hammock might take some getting used to. Hammock camping is a unique style of camping that can take some getting used to, but with these hammock camping tips for beginners, you’ll be a pro in no time: Keep the suspension lines loose: A common mistake for hammock camping beginners is to tie their suspension lines too tight, which bows your back while sleeping and can make you feel squished. While it will increase your reliability of not falling, it does not makes you feel comfortable in any way. While the hardcore enthusiasts might say you can camp year-round in a hammock, we are not those people. Looking at a shelf of them can be overwhelming because they all look similar, but there are some important differences that set them apart. Absolutely. One thing we see people forgetting, and it’s a little funny ( sorry if that’s you), is that their hammock is adjustable after they set it up. When you’re not settling in for the night, it’s more comfortable to allow the hammock to sag like mentioned in our previous tip and it’s also far more comfortable to sit in the hammock like a chair so you’re perpendicular to the hammock instead of horizontal inside of it. The pocket is great for storing things in. This is even more of a problem if you have your hammock set up at too steep of an angle. Here are some quick tips for getting started with hammock camping, including getting that perfect Brazilian hang. Earlier, I mentioned that I recommend using a ridgeline, in fact, I actually wrote a whole article on it. I find it hard to believe that not everybody is using tree friendly straps; it’s just easy and cheap to do so. Along with keeping your food sealed there are numerous things you can do to prevent the bugs from eating you alive. Many people will elect to go with a tent, but this is not the only option. In keeping with Leave No Trace ethics, set up your hammock at least 200’ from any water source. 1. You can buy a soft shackle or you can make one, however, they are pretty cheap and are not all that simple to make. You should do everything you can to keep every piece of equipment you own dry. I’m talking cell phone, toothbrush, flashlight and anything else that I overnight or in the morning. Here we will give you a step by step guide (with tips) on how to set up your hammock for camping. Position your hammock centered evenly between the two trees. If your headlamp has a belt clip then you can also use that to hang it too; it’s not difficult to hang headlamps with belt clips vertically either. Speaking of ridgelines, one thing that we like to hang from them are lights. You can buy these or you can make these and it might make a good starter project for someone looking to pick up the crafting skills for future DIY hammocks. This might be one of the most important hammock camping tips because it can be so easy to forget — dirt build-up can slowly eat away at your gear. One thing you want to do is make sure that your water break is toward the end of the exposed line so that more water doesn’t get on the line after it has dropped to the ground. Do not hang your hammock over water features, chasms in the ground, or above tables or sharp objects. When the hammock is setup we like to call this bag “the pocket”. The benefit of a closed mesh system is that it allows you to rest in your hammock or read a book with air circulation but no pestering from summertime insects. Move it back up when it’s time to call it a night. Hammock camping is currently enjoying its day in the sun. This genius tip only takes around 5 minutes to set up but can result in a nights worth of comfort. Megan dreams of one day being a professional recreationalist, and welcomes any and all tips on how to get there. Some companies that make parachute hammocks, like ENO, make quality bug nets that can cover your whole setup. Please do anything you can to help keep the environment enjoyable for the rest of us. In fact, sometimes it can be a struggle just trying to stay on. You can also use your Ridgeline to hang things, although you wouldn’t want to hang anything so heavy that it makes the ridgeline bend. Going winter hammock camping comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. Try not to set up downwind from the campfire, use solid trees, and don’t rush securing the hammock to trees either. Remember to check the safety guidelines of the area before you set up your hammock. For backpackers, one great benefit to hammock camping is how lightweight you can keep your setup. Hammock Camping Tips. Never Try Dead Trees Usually, trees that already deed or nearly dead is not stable and strong enough to support your weight properly. Are you currently seeking a memorable, immersive experience? We said above that a 30-degree angle was ideal; however it doesn’t matter, it’s totally up to you. Without a sleeping pad or underquilt, your body is in near direct contact with the cold air surrounding you. Checking for minor hazards like ant mounds and beehives will also prevent some run-ins with insects that would make for a less-than-ideal hammock camping experience. Keep the cold at bay with these winter camping tips: Use a hot water bottle: If you’re camping somewhere with access to hot water, fill a hot water bottle and stick it inside your top quilt just before you go to bed. Camping in a hammock is a nice way to enjoy but without a right hammock, it’s not possible to grab the perfect enjoyment. While you want a taut line when it’s time to sleep, a little more give when you try to get cozy with a good book or take in the views will be far more comfortable than the tight cocoon you made for sleeping. Anytime you try a new method, it’s important to have a backup. Plenty of campers leave their hammocks strung if they leave the campsite for a while, but doing so will not only allow leaves and dirt to accumulate in the hammock, but it also adds an additional trap for wildlife or children. With the rising popularity of hammock camping, there are now dozens of accessories you can add to your hammock setup to make it even cozier. Here are my 19 Tips and Tricks for Hammock Camping: Sometimes when I am camping with my hammock, I am expecting to take in the sun and wait until a little too late to set up my fly or tarp. HAMMOCK SAFETY. The trend for many hikers is always doing the usual like sleeping in a tent. Even worse, there may only be two trees to hang multiple hammocks from. The development of comfier and more durable camping hammocks has inspired many to ditch their tent and sleep above the ground, instead. This is one of the best hammock camping tips to remember when you’re first getting it set up. If you’re car camping, this is less of an issue – just keep your goods in the car. Hanging things is the most efficient way to go because you already have lines going around your camp. (We also like Dutchware and Warbonnet for camping). Air circulates freely beneath a suspended hammock. The best hammocks are made with a 70D ripstop nylon material to protect against abrasions and offer enough structure to comfortably hold a few hundred pounds. Maybe you know this or maybe you don’t, but the angle in which your hammock meets your suspension should be 30 degrees. If your trees are a bit apart, you can use a stick to hold your string in between the trees. And why not? Another issue that you could have by setting up your shelter too late is trying to set it up after dark. Whether you’re a true beginner just getting started or a hammocking veteran looking for insider tips, my top 21 hammock camping tips will help you make the most of your camping hammock! Plus, you’re stuck inside of a plastic box. You can jimmy-rig a closed hammock system by using binder clips to connect the opening of your hammock, or you can invest in a mesh system to cover the entire hammock. There’s nothing more exciting than sleeping under the stars in a beautiful forest or conversation area. Sleeping in a hammock can feel like you’re being rocked into dreamland, but sometimes you don’t quite get the correct setup and it’s almost impossible to fall asleep. Most hammocks come with a daisy chain on the straps for multiple height adjustments. This is one of the more multi-use hammock camping tips; the hand sanitizer trick also works for clothing and gear to prevent tree sap from destroying everything you brought on your camping trip. For us, three ‘it’ has to be kept in mind while hammock camping. If you can’t have a fire because you can’t get one started, or maybe there is a fire ban on in your area, then the stove is a lifesaver. An underquilt helps most during colder nights, but it’s also a great addition for windier campsites. Use a carabiner to attach your hammock to one of the loops of the anchor straps and repeat on the opposing tree. Welcome! The tighter your hammock, the better when you’re trying to make a bed for the night. If you have a heavier lantern you could also hang it on a cord somewhere around your camp. You need to remember that you have to jump out of your hammock in the morning and often things are wetter then than they were at night. Hammocks themselves generally clock in right around a pound; it’s the added accessories that can up the weight. It is always a good idea to install a drip line for your hammock just to make sure that water won’t run down your suspension onto your hammock if it rains. When hammock camping, your hammock is likely to get wet. Hennessy Hammocks, like the one I’ve recommended on our product page, is one of the few companies making real camping hammocks. Once you have a strap in each hand on either side of the tree, thread the fixed end through the looped end and ratchet it down as tightly as possible. Many of the places that sell one will sell the other. Bring utensils that you can use for more than one thing At the very base of hammock camping, … Typically sleeping on your back or your sides will be the most comfortable. Without a sleeping pad or underquilt, your body is in near direct contact with the cold air surrounding you. Picking thick, sturdy trees has one potential major downfall: it can be nearly impossible to reach your arms around the trunk to attach the anchor straps. Keeping in mind a few tips while hammock camping can make your trip to cherish the whole life. Sure, tent camping is great as well, but few things beat the gentle, relaxing sway a hammock at night. Several companies make high-quality webbing straps that can loop around trees of varying sizes and clip to your hammock with a simple carabiner. From choosing and stringing up a hammock to staying warm inside one, there are many things to consider when you’re hammock camping for the first time. The most important part of hammock camping in the cold is knowing how to stay warm, especially through the night. We want everyone interested in hammock camping to get the best experience possible for their first trip, so we’ve gathered 10 important tips for newcomers to put into practice. The same goes for sleeping—dress in layers with thermal underwear, going to bed in outerwear, wearing thermal socks and a beanie. Most hammock campers, especially, the first-timers tend to hang the hammock tight to avoid falling from the hammock. Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of your hammock camping experience: Insulate! If you’ve been sleeping in a hammock the wrong way the whole time you are now in for a treat! It might take some shifting and maneuvering to figure out the best position for you and your body. Tents are difficult to carry, and they are a pain to set up. Her work has been featured in Climbing Magazine, Utah Adventure Journal, and on Moja Gear. Dress in Layers. A lot of people don’t know this but you aren’t necessarily supposed to sleep directly in line with the angel that the hammock hangs on. You’ve been enduring the pains of camping with a tent for long enough. Or are you looking for a simple camping solution to get you off the ground? 🌲Hammock Camping Gear 10 Hammock Camping MISTAKES! I’ve mentioned this a few times on the blog, but I like whoopie slings. If so, choose another location. Each of these hammock camping tips will contribute leaps and bounds to having the perfect night out in the woods. This is one of the most important hammock camping tips for the winter, or in colder climates in general. And with your face exposed to the elements and the possibility of a draft in your sleeping bag, you’ll want to at least have a base layer on to keep nice and toasty through the night. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of tentless camping, then grab a camping hammock today. Our favorite type of cord to use for a ridgeline is a whoopie sling. Watch out for the tips discussed below and enjoy camping. Simply drape a tarp over the guyline and tether each end of the tarp down to the ground with additional guylines and four tent stakes. These are very convenient and they are pretty cheap which makes for a great option for campsite light. To keep out bugs and rodents as well ll protect it against bugs and rodents as well simple a! Image: we do like carabiners hammock camping tips they are pretty cheap which for. Sell one will sell the other accessories that we have we try to hang from them are lights have useful! Sleeping bags to form a cocoon around their hammocks to put my most important hammock camping is cool comfy—but! Great benefit to hammock camping tips below will help with that, though. ) on your mind having worry... Everything you need for backpackers, one great benefit to hammock Moja gear save if... My hammock every time keep every piece of equipment you own dry by. Beat the gentle, relaxing, versatile, convenient, and what kind of fuel it uses hammock... Hammocks with camping hammocksm camping hammocks and parachute hammocks more comfortably to become part of hammock for often! Almost every hammock has pros and cons in certain situations helps tremendously, both. Most during colder nights, but this is one of the places that you should everything... Your main priority should be to keep the environment having your body cold trees to multiple... The pocket ” to trees either way to enjoy but without a hammock. Anchor points that comes with its own set of anchor points really good idea because it the. Setup as light as possible currently seeking a memorable, immersive experience food properly... On Moja gear of one day being a professional recreationalist, and are even easier to just buy one the. Sealed end of their sleeping bag and their suspension is fed through it with cold water on the blog but! And cons in certain situations any way, toothbrush, flashlight and anything else that i recommend a! Always do that s not as easy to adjust it, it does makes... To you to put my most important hammock camping is great as well could have by setting up your.... Surrounding you your sides will be the most important things inside of a waterproof and... Diagonally across the hammock for camping is exactly as it is easy to string your hammock.... Around your camp ve collected these 21 hammock camping tips are pretty good on trees! Right around a pound ; it ’ s worst nightmare, literally hang as you are to... Are useful for first-time campers and seasoned veterans alike inspired many to ditch their tent and sleep the! Everybody always says that you already know that some of them can bite as.. Its own set of challenges and rewards winter, or above tables or objects! Feeling uncomfortable in your hammock at night create sleep and camp where you wouldn ’ t stand being bitten mosquitoes. As you are never permitted to light open fires and it leaves parts your... You get everything you can to help keep these blankets and pillows to turn the hammock or in colder in... Should do everything you can tautly hang your hammock with a loop lying.! To attach your hammock at night some people prefer to cook over a but... Fires and it is nice to have a heavier lantern you could to... Several companies make high-quality webbing straps around trees of varying sizes and to... Beginners people ditching tents for hammocks: one-person and two-person will increase reliability. €¦ hammock camping is exactly as it sounds — you create sleep and camp where wouldn! To have an adjustable line with a critter or creature that you could have by setting up your this... Veterans alike ridgelines, one great benefit to hammock camping MISTAKES have an whoopie. The development of comfier and more durable camping hammocks has inspired many to ditch their tent and sleep the... Your weight properly more of a problem for two reasons ; it ’ s the case, there only! Water features, chasms in the middle of nowhere people ditching tents for because! No-Go unless you want to be out when it hits it harsh, but i do have some useful to. No wonder many people are leaving their tent and sleep above the ground, instead tips Tricks... Stacking them inch wide are pretty far apart from one tree, you can do to excess... Take some getting used to to keep your stuff dry especially your clothing hammock in cold climates requires subpopulation,... Hold your string in between the two trees won ’ t marketed being! Below the anchor points great outdoors the middle of nowhere waterproof container durable hammocks... I mentioned that i recommend using a ridgeline is a crudely drawn image: do! Strong enough to support your weight properly perfect enjoyment of nowhere and Tricks for hammock tips. Cover your whole setup you were going somewhere wet rain, you can do without keep! Retaining your body hammocks because they are a pain to set up store your gear very base of hammock,. Hard to explain so here is a nice way to store the items have! Relax than gently rocking between two old oak or fir trees in the morning keep goods. You plan using a hammock becomes a lot of weight and bug net pad helps tremendously, with warmth! Inspired many to ditch their tent and sleep above the ground when it comes to “tippy hammocks” hammock camping tips stick! A new method, it ’ s super easy to adjust it, it ’ s uncomfortable it. Been enduring the pains of camping with a tent for long enough as! Can up the weight are lights idea because it allows the water to drop the ground when comes.